Wonder Game

Chapter One Intro

Chapter One plays a vital role in creating a community-first environment as it is heavily focused on community building. The game mechanics reward collaboration and social interaction, incentivizing a place for players to work together. The players will be able to socialize through our community platforms like Discord and Telegram and have fun while collecting new Character NFTs and item NFTs that have a monetary value. Players can utilize the marketplace to trade item NFTs with current or new players joining the ecosystem.

NFTs & Token

The following tokens will be the pillar of Wonder Game as they are the first to shape the future Chapters.
This chapter consists of ERC-721 Character NFT Collection with 3 types: Card Soldier, Queen, and Alice. Also, ERC-1155 HOOKAH is used to mint new Character NFT Collection in-game.
In the later phase of Chapter One, we will introduce more ERC-1155 items for crafting, which will give in-game buffs.
SHROOM is the governance token of Wonder Game. We will go in-depth on SHROOM in the tokenomics section.