Wonder Game

Wonder Game

Initial Release Overview

The Wonder Game ecosystem includes all Character NFTs, item NFTs, the economy driving SHROOM token, strategic exploration & player enhancement gameplay, an item shop, and the community marketplace. As Wonder Game grows, we will add more experiences and in-game features to make this adventure even more interesting and compelling for our members.

Chapter 1

Chapter One will initially be deployed on the Polygon blockchain and then Chapter Two on SNOW/ICE blockchain when it's live. In this chapter, there are 3 Character NFTs - Alice, Queen, and Card Soldiers in the Wonder Game Forest. The game will revolve around the use of unique strategies to accumulate SHROOMs. The uniquely suited Card Soldiers must work together and use the best strategy to find, guard, and collect SHROOMs. Each Queen controls a part of the forest and keeps a portion of the SHROOMs that the Card Soldiers have collected. Alice tries to find the best place to be in the forest in order to steal the Queens' SHROOMs from the Card Soldiers.