Wonder Game

SHROOM Utility and Flow

The SHROOM token is the main token and the source of magical power in Wonder Game. SHROOMs allow you to enter, own, use, participate and govern Wonder Game.
Cheshire Cat offers Alice SHROOM for the first time by @_Kochuu​
The SHROOM token has a max supply of 400,000,000 tokens across all chapters.
Wonder Game Ecosystem Token
SHROOM token will be the magical power that runs the Wonder Game ecosystem. With SHROOMs, you can purchase Character NFTs, in-game items, consumable potions, and other future in-game features. You can also use them to increase the stats of the Character NFT in later phases of Chapter One.
You can name your Characters anything you like, it can be your favorite anime characters, game characters, flowers, celebrities, or even characters from Wonderland. You will need 250 SHROOM to change the name. The SHROOM will be burned and from the ashes of the burned SHROOM, a special ink will be formed, one that can write the name in the Scroll of Eternity.
Out of a total stats of 6-12, you can upgrade 2-12 Pre-Game. Each skill can be upgraded by 5 points at max per transaction. This can be repeated until the limit is reached.
The shroom cost will be in the range of 167.18 $SHRM- 394.68 $SHRM. 🍄
This is for regular stats. Specific character stats of Cards will have a different cost.
You can stake SHROOM for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months. Every lock timeframe has its fixed APR and maximum capacity. There will be a total max cap for the vault, and also per wallet. The SHROOM rewards will be claimable in real-time, and the distribution will be in seconds.
You can provide liquidity in the SHROOM/USDC pool in Quickswap and use the LP tokens that the DEX provided in our LP farming in our website to earn more SHROOM. 40182.6484 SHROOM is awarded daily for LP, which is divided among the users who have provided the liquidity. The reward is distributed on the basis of the number of LP tokens and when it was staked.
We have designed our tokenomics with a community-first approach as our vision is to create an ecosystem that is driven by the community. SHROOM is a governance token and members holding it will be able to participate in our DAO governance to decide on the future growth, development, and Ecosystem Fund spending.
Circulation to Ecosystem & Reward Pool
The ecosystem is designed to re-inject 50% of any burning mechanism in the game into the rewards pool. Initially, we will inject 33.33% to Game Reward, 33.33% to Staking Reward and 33.34% to Ecosystem Fund of the 50% and the 50% will be burned. The distribution and burn rate are subject to change depending on players' behavior. The re-inject will be distributed the next month. This will be reevaluated through governance, burn may be totally removed at one point.
Example: 1,000,000 SHROOMs spent in-game on June 2022 - 500,000 will be re-injected back into the ecosystem in the following way: Game Rewards (Play-to-Earn)- 166,650, Stake Rewards - 166,650, and Ecosystem Fund - 166,700.