Wonder Game


Validator Staking

Wonder Game will be on multiple blockchains, and we want our ecosystem to have a footprint on each of them. Running validator nodes allows Wonder Game to inject node rewards back into the ecosystem. Members who stake the blockchain native token for Wonder Game validator will earn SHROOMs as rewards. The first validator node was on the Harmony blockchain with staked ONE assigned to the Wonder Game Validator.

LP Reward

You can provide liquidity in the SHROOM/USDC pool in Quickswap and use the LP tokens that the DEX provided in our LP farming — in our website — to earn more SHROOM. 40182.6484 SHROOM is awarded daily for LP, which is divided among the users who have provided the liquidity — the reward is distributed on the basis of the number of LP tokens and when it was staked.

SHROOM Staking

Staking will give you access to future NFTs, partnership NFTs & tokens, governance, early access to features, and future development. More Defi features will be added to the Wonder Game ecosystem.