Wonder Game

Game Reward

Exploration & Strategy

Using the best strategies to find the surge areas with the highest yields. We recommend you to do this collaboratively with your community friends. Example: 2 members using Marker Spade together to cover an area for thier other 3 friends to join them there.

Stats Enhancement

The betters the stats of the Character NFT, the more rewarding they will be, both in terms of overall fun and of course, the SHROOMs you will earn.

Cheshire Cat's Portal

Mint Gen1 and Gen2 Character NFTs so that you can use a group of them to help you find SHROOMs, or go for profits and sell them at the Duchess’s Marketplace.

Items Crafting

You can use the items you have crafted in-game to give your Character NFT a buff or sell them in the marketplace to earn even more SHROOM!


The more you collaborate with your fellow community members using and developing the best strategies, the more fun you will have playing the game. Guilds will introduce an in-game system to collaborate in a dedicated small group.

Quests and DAO Quests

Details will be shared in the future.