Wonder Game
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Follow the White Rabbit, and down and down you go. Down to the world of Wonderland, a magical place, a mystical place. The place that a young girl named Alice had traveled to, met all sorts of strange people, ate all sorts of strange things, and had all sorts of strange adventures. And then she woke up.
Time flows differently in Wonderland. Centuries go on, yet no time passes. Things change, yet a lot is still remarkably the same.
Alice returns, or maybe she wasn’t gone at all. She notices a lot of change, and yet it feels almost too familiar.
The Queen of Hearts still resides in her Castle, ruling the realm with an Iron fist. A maze surrounds the Queen’s Castle. Her gardens that the Card Soldiers attended to are now overgrown and with a life of their own, a deadly maze in their place.
How Curious then, that the one thing that should stand out, fits right in. A dark dreary maze, filled with horrors and wonders unimaginable feels par the course in this mad mad world.
Alice doesn’t brave entering the Maze, the Queen’s domain. She seeks to visit her friend the Duchess first. The Duchess’s house is a sprawling marketplace now, home to vendors selling all sorts of things.
The Duchess smiles as Alice approaches, and invites her over to tea.
Tea is different without the Hatter’s riddles, without the sleepy dormouse snoring, and Alice can’t help the pang of sadness as she misses the Hare’s stories. But she preservers and listens to the Duchess’s tales.
The Duchess tells her about the sprawling maze and the dangers and treasures within. She tells about the Cards who had braved entering, of those who were trapped, and those who had returned with Chests of Treasure, and mystical items galore!
Alice is an adventurer at heart, her mind is sharp and her Curiosity is peaked. She makes up her mind.
Alice stands looking at the entrance of the maze, and at the Queen’s Castle, she spots in the middle. She slowly enters, preparing herself for whatever might appear. She would explore the maze, she would steer clear of the Cards. She is in a new Wonder Realm now, she can’t trust anyone.
She has some food in her bag, some items that the nice Duchess handed her, and a resolve to find everything she can.
Will she prevail, or will the Queen’s soldiers get to the items first? Nothing is certain in this world of wonder, but lots of items are to be found, and lots of fun to be had.