Wonder Game

Phase 1 Overview

Wander the Wonder
The first phase will revolve around exploring the Queen´s maze. The goal is to gather valuable in-game items and $SHROOM. Some will be useful immediately and others will be of value when 'Empire' launches (Phase 2).
Map of the Wonder Maze
This map will be the setting for the maze game. It has different types of regional terrains hosting different types of mazes. For now(Phase I), there will be one area that will be available.
A region may have multiple areas. Each hexagon represents an area. After a maze is created, it changes periodically. Players can place one Queen NFT in an area, thereby creating the Queen’s Maze.
The goal for players with Queen NFTs is to have Alices and Cards go through their maze and collect rewards for Empire. The area selected will represent a player’s kingdom for the duration of the epoch. Subsequently, a maze will magically form around the palace. And for the players with Cards and Alices, the goal is to find new mazes and explore to find items and SHROOM in the maze. The Queen also receives 30% of these rewards. Players can choose to place a Queen and get rewards passively or use their Cards and Alice NFTs to get rewards actively.
The items and SHROOM will be taken on a first-come, first-serve basis. This makes finding and exploring new mazes all the more important!