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Phase 0.5: Mini Maze Game

Do I need NFT to play?
Yes, you will need NFT to play the maze game.
Who can create a Maze?
In this pre-alpha phase, there will only be one maze that we will create. However, in later phases, Queen NFTs will be able to create mazes.
Does the Maze Reset?
Yes, the Maze will reset in an epoch of 3 days along with all the items inside the maze.
What resources can I get?
You can get Food items that increase your energy, and Treasure Chests in this phase. There is one food item: Cupcakes, and there are three types of Chests.
Can you open the Chests? Are they tradeable?
You will not be able to open the Chests right away. They will be opened closer to the Phase 1 release. They are also not tradable. This encourages players to set out and explore while diminishing ‘pay-to-win’ strategies.
What is the Epoch time in phase 0.5?
We will have an epoch of 3 days in Phase 0.5. The maze will change at every epoch.
What is the maze size?
The maze will be 1000x1000 in size.