Wonder Game


What is Wonder Game?
Wonder Game is a Play-to-Earn, collaborative Defi game that takes players on a cross-chain adventure to different blockchains with different chapters. It is based on Alice in Wonderland and features various elements from the story.
What is GameFi?
A game ecosystem where game builders leverage the immutability of blockchain technology to create in-game assets that are provably unique, transparent, and transferable. Players can have fun playing the game and collecting & trading these digital assets and tokens.
What Blockchain is Wonder Game using?
Wonder Game is releasing Chapter One on Polygon Blockchain. The next chapter will be released on SNOW/ICE Blockchain. Each chapter of the game will be released on different blockchains.
Which token do I need to play the game?
Since the game is launching on Polygon Chain, you will need MATIC token for the gas transactions.
When will the gameplay phase start?
Wonder Game has been divided into three phases: Maze, Empire, and Battle. A pre-alpha phase 0.5 mini-game will be released soon.