Wonder Game

DAO & Ecosystem Fund


Wonder Game team always puts the community at the center while making decisions during the initial development. The team believes that the foundation of an extraordinary DAO ecosystem starts from Day 0.5, way before the DAO is up and running.
We will have DAO from the very early stages and allow members to stake SHROOM to participate in the DAO. We want to have this so that our members can participate and practice DAO from an early stage.
The team will drive the initial development through DAO, and will constantly get community members involved in the growth and development from the beginning. Practicing this since Day 0.5 will allow Wonder Game to easily transition to a full DAO system when the ecosystem is ready for it. Our plan is also to allow members to vote on the type of DAO governance system they want to practice. We are doing this by creating an environment for meaningful shared experiences.
We will do events that will bring out the artists, creators, and builders in our community to show their skills - which will help the members to build an organic relationship with the Wonder Game ecosystem. Much has already been collected and shared on our Discord. Please join if you haven’t done so already!
We involve our community members in shaping the culture of Wonder Game and also getting their feedback on events, growth, and mechanics that will greatly impact the community.
Governance Type
The members will get to decide on the type of DAO governance they want to practice via a voting system. This will allow the community to not only practice functioning as a DAO but also decide the type of DAO they want to be part of. This will be introduced in the future.

Ecosystem Fund

Initially, the Wonder Game team will manage the ecosystem fund to help grow the Wonder Game ecosystem by focusing on growing the Wonder Game community, funding for initiatives driven by the community, and transitioning toward DAO.
Holding SHROOM tokens will grant you voting rights in the community-owned Wonder Game DAO. Once the DAO is running autonomously the community will decide where the Ecosystem Fund will go and how it will be used.