Wonder Game


Stamina: Stamina determines how much Energy a Card has.
Rest: Rest decreases the regeneration time of Energy.
Ground: Ground Stat allows you to teleport into a location of your choosing in a certain radius.
Sector: Sector allows you to claim a sector for yourself for a certain time. During the duration, no other NFT can enter the Sector.
Prestige: Prestige decreases the amount of tax a Card has to pay to the Queen
Luck: Luck increases the chance of finding a rare item.
(Note: These abilities are applicable for Maze Game, as we keep going into the Empire game, the abilities will be different and this section will be updated)

Suit Specific Attributes

Runner Club- This athletic soldier has more Energy to traverse Wonder Maze.
Insomniac Diamond- This party animal requires less regeneration time to regenerate his Energy.
Marker Spades- This land surveying soldier marks the camp area to claim all the prizes for himself.
All-Rounder Heart- This multi-talented soldier has all three skills, but unfortunately can’t max out any skill, making him a jack of all trades, but master of none.