Wonder Game

Phase 2: Empire

Every Queen needs her Empire, how will you build yours?
Empire is the Second Phase of Wonder Game, and it builds up from the resources you collected from the Maze Game.
In Phase 2, a Queen will build her Empire, and protect it from other Queens and Alices. To build an Empire, you would need to collect resources from the Maze. The items found in the Maze will not be sold on our marketplace but can be traded amongst players.
There will be various facets of the Empire, from building your Army with your Card Guards, collecting and building resources, and preparing your Empire. Imagine collaborating with other players, combining your strengths, and taking on a rivaling guild.
And fear not, curious Alice will not be left behind in this Queendom, for she is just waiting for Queen’s attention to be elsewhere so she can loot the precious SHROOM from inside the Queen’s Castle.
More information on Empire will be released closer to the Phase 2 launch.