Wonder Game


Traps allow people to trap other players and give them some disadvantages. Both Alice and Cards can trap other Alice and Cards. Traps can be both found during exploration and bought from the marketplace.

How do traps work?

In order to place a trap, players must have a trap in their inventory. They can place Traps anywhere in the maze. Players will not be entrapped in their own trap. If they place a trap ahead of them, then they can walk in that direction freely. The next player to come upon the trap will be trapped.

What do Traps do?

Traps have a baseline power level, and they can be increased in strength by using SHROOM. Items used to see traps also have this same concept. The higher the trap, the higher the item needs to be to see them.
Traps will decrease the energy of an NFT by 20 energy. This number can be increased by increasing the strength of the traps.