Wonder Game

Phase 1: Maze Game

Wander the Wonder of the Maze
Maze Game will be the first phase of the Wonder Game. The setting of this game is on different mazes in the Wonderland map. Inside each maze, you will find a Queen’s Castle, and valuable items scattered around the maze.
The three Character NFTs will have their roles to play in the Maze as they wander the maze in search of items, and seek to build their Empire.
The Maze will be created once the Queen places herself in a position. Depending on her stats, the maze will have various resources. And if she has acquired the prestigious item ‘Heart of the Maze’, then the maze will be truly fortuitous indeed. She exacts a tax on the magical SHROOM that people will find, and also on a few items.
The Cards are roaming the maze at the behest of the Queen. They aim to find as many items and resources in the maze as they can. As they travel through the dreary maze, many prizes await them, and many traps do too. Once they enter the maze, they cannot exit until they find one of the exit portals.
Alice is an explorer at heart, and she explores the maze, dodging the Queen’s Card Soldiers and trying to get as many items as she can. Alice can exit the maze whenever she wants, and she gets to keep all the items that she can find!
Wander the maze and search for items, but do be careful of the traps. Collect resources to build your Empire and watch it grow!