Wonder Game

Phase 0.5: Pre-alpha

Before the release of Phase 1: Maze Game, we will have a mini maze game. This will utilize most of the components of Phase 1 and will be a pre-alpha version of the game.
There will be one singular maze that people can explore in the mini-game, and that would change periodically over an epoch of three days. Players will be able to enter the maze and search for items. While roaming around the maze, players burn their energy. They will have fixed energy to explore the maze. They will not be able to see another player in the maze while they are playing.
Maze Stats
Maze size: 1000x1000
Walkable Area: 40-50%
Items Drop Rate: 5%
(These numbers are subject to change)
Character NFTs:
All three Character NFTs will be able to explore the maze during this phase. This will not be true for any subsequent phase after this. Starting in Phase 1, Queens will remain in their castle, overseeing the Cards.
Cards, Queens and Alices will be able to roam the maze to find items and one special item hidden amongst the chests. One item that will be helpful to the Queen as she begins to create her own maze.
Every Character will have some Energy to explore the maze. We will start with a certain amount of base Energy, and as you upgrade your NFT, your energy will increase. The Energy will be a weighted sum of the stats of the NFT.
Provided the fact that a fully upgraded Card contains a higher skill level than Alice, the total potential energy level for cards is higher.
Keep in mind, in the later version of Phase 1, the Energy of NFT will be derived from the ‘Stamina’ stats, and the energy recharging mechanism will depend on ‘Rest’ stats.
Energy will recharge every 24 hours. Energy will regenerate at the same time for every NFT, at 12 pm UST. All energy changes as a result of upgrades will be in effect after 12 pm UST.
Item Rewards:
There will be 2 types of items that you can get in this phase.
Item Drop rate for Phase 0.5(subject to change)
Food: Scattered around the maze, there will be food items. The food must be consumed immediately after finding them. For this phase, there will only be one food item (Cupcake) giving you 15 energy.
Treasure Chests: There will be three types of Treasure Chests available in this maze: Wooden, Gold, and Legendary.
For this phase, the crates will be just a collectible. You will not be able to open the Chests right away. As we get closer to the phase 1 game release, the crates and what they contain will be and will be airdropped to the corresponding NFT holders.
The items that can be found inside the maze will be in-game items and food. Legend has it that the Queen herself is roaming the maze searching for one elusive item.
The leaderboard will be divided based on NFT type. We would have 6 leaderboards in total for Clubs, Spades, Hearts, Diamonds, Alices, and Queens.
The highest-performing scores are listed on the leaderboard on daily basis. The scores are calculated according to the no. of items and treasure chests collected by the user.
Only the best score from the wallet is tracked on the Leaderboard.