Wonder Game


Alice about to steal Queen's SHROOMs from the Card Soldiers by @_Kochuu​
Wonder Game is a place of mad, crazy fun. It is the home of terrible Queens, Time-defying Mad Hatters, and Card Soldiers who don’t do much besides painting the roses red. Wonder Game has always been chaos personified; it has always been a mad world where everything is inverted and everything is exciting. But a great change has swept through Wonder Game. Don’t worry! Wonder Game still is a mad, crazy place with infinite chaos, and maximum fun to be had. It’s just slightly different now.
How different you may ask? Well, a lot. How did this happen? Well, let me tell you about the moment things changed, and no it wasn’t a dark stormy night but rather a warm and pleasant day.
Ah yes, it was a warm and pleasant day. It was sunny but not too blistering, the birds were chirping, the trees were singing, and the Queen was playing croquet in the Wonder Game Forest. She had gotten bored of her own Croquet Grounds, and decided that a change of scenery was in order. Little did she know that one decision was going to bring forth so much chaos and magic in the never-dull world of Wonder Game.
One minute everything was fine, the Card Soldiers were obeying the Queen’s every whim, the Queen was shouting ever so often, and the poor hedgehogs and flamingoes were just doing everything they could to escape from the madness. And then IT happened.
The Big Change. The one event that will be talked about for the rest of all eternity. An afternoon that changed Wonder Game’s history forever.
To understand, the Big Change and all that the event affected and changed, you first need to know the history of Wonder Game. Wonder Game was always a magical kingdom, eons ago it was a prospering magical kingdom, full of mages and sorcerers who sought to do good for the world they called home. As with all things magic, the world deteriorated and all things magical slowly faded away, leaving only faint remnants of what once was. All the majestic magic of Wonder Game now only remains in the form of talking animals and Mad Hatters.
But there was one mage remaining, one that could not bear to see his precious world falling into ruin anymore. And so, he intervened the only way he knew how.
In the heart of the Wonder Game Forest, where the Queen and her Card Soldiers were having a pleasant day, the Big Change started. Magical, mystical SHROOM started sprouting up everywhere. Glowing with an ethereal glow, they soon filled the entire forest floor!
These SHROOMs were the product of millennia of magic; they were the product of the deep-felt wish of an ageless mage, all of his love and magic poured upon them. And so, the SHROOMs were quite powerful.
The Queen and the Card Soldiers soon found that out for themselves. The magical SHROOMs granted whoever consumed them magical abilities beyond their desires. And such wonderful abilities they were!
But alas, there was someone else lying in-wait in the forest on that fateful day. Alice, a young adventuress, had fallen through a rabbit hole and landed in Wonder Game. She was now on an adventure through the Wonder Game Forest. And brilliantly enough, she was also caught up in the magic of the Big Change. One stolen SHROOM and some newfound abilities later, she was amazed, and she wanted more.
But there was one problem that no one saw coming. The SHROOMs were there to bring magic back to Wonder Game, to heal a broken world. There were SHROOMs to help Wonder Game because there were not enough people to do so. So of course, the magic of Wonder Game, one that had laid dormant for millennia and only awakened, now intervened.
The result was plain, simple chaos. The magic worked simply, a bit too simply. It saw that they needed more people, and then it created more. More Queens, significantly more Card Soldiers, and even more Alices. And thus, the wonderful world of Wonder Game was changed forever.
I, of course, lent my expertise for this. My ageless friend was doing so much, and I wanted to help. And so, I created a portal, like Alice’s own rabbit hole. A portal to let the new people in, be they Card Soldiers or Queens or more Alices, in exchange for these wonderful, magical SHROOMs of course. There are SHROOMs to have, magic to imbue in this world, and if I a mere Cheshire Cat can do my part, so can you dear reader.
As chaotic as the SHROOMs have made Wonder Game, they have prospered the world even more so with advancements and progressions previously thought impossible, now well within reach. Wonder Game has become a better place to live for all its residents, as well as the occasional adventuress looking for a grand adventure.
And grand adventure we all shall have. One powered by the mystical SHROOM and all that it offers. So, come along in this magic ride be you a Queen, Alice, or Card Soldier. We have something for everything and everyone here.