Wonder Game



What is Wonder Game?

Wonder Game is a Play-to-Earn, collaborative Defi game that takes players on a cross-chain adventure to different blockchains with different chapters. It is based on Alice in Wonderland and features various elements from the story.

What is GameFi?

A game ecosystem where game builders leverage the immutability of blockchain technology to create in-game assets that are provably unique, transparent, and transferable. Players can have fun playing the game and collecting & trading these digital assets and tokens.

What Blockchain is Wonder Game using?

Wonder Game is releasing Chapter One on Polygon Blockchained. The next chapter will be released on SNOW/ICE Blockchain. Each chapter of the game will be released on different blockchains.

What currencies do I need to mint?

During the presale, users minted through ICX and ONE token. After the Ethereum migration, users can mint using ETH here.

What does it cost to get started and play? What will be the minting price?

The minting price is 0.03 ETH.

Which token do I need to play the game?

Since the game is launching on Polygon Chain, you will need MATIC token for the gas transactions.

When will the marketplace launch?

The Marketplace has launched, you can find it here.

When will the gameplay phase start?

The game features will be released in step-by-step order so the members can get used to it and the developers can get feedback instead of not releasing it until the whole game is ready.

Character NFTs

Who are the Characters?

3 characters will be available in Chapter One of the game. The characters are Alice, Queen, and Cards.

What do I do with Characters?

The characters are central to the gameplay of Wonder Game. You can use the characters to explore Wonder Game and strategize the best way to get SHROOMs.

How do I get Character NFT to get access to the game?

You can mint them using ETH through our website or buy them in our marketplace or at OpenSea.

How do I get a Character NFT in the game?

To bring a new Character NFT to Wonder Game you have to go to the Cheshire Cat's Portal, ask the Cat, and give him some SHROOMs and a HOOKAH.
Each Gen 0 character allows you to mint more Gen 1 characters and Gen 1 allows you to mint more Gen 2 characters. Gen 2 cannot mint any more characters.


Do I need to purchase a land NFT in addition to my character NFT?

There is no land NFT right now and you do not need to purchase a land NFT. The Wonder Game Forest is available for everyone.

How do I get SHROOMs in the game?

You can get SHROOMs in the game by Camping, Ruling, and Stealing with your Card, Queen, and Alice NFT respectively.
Each character needs to be staked to play the game and each of them has its own form of staking.

What do I do with my SHROOM tokens?

You can use your SHROOM tokens to do various things in-game. You can change the name of your NFT characters, upgrade their stats, provide LP, Stake and even mint new ones.

What is HOOKAH?

HOOKAH is an ERC-1155 token which in combination with a Character NFT and some SHROOM tokens allows you to mint more characters.

How do I get HOOKAH?

There are only 10,000 HOOKAH tokens and they can only be found through exploration gameplay or in the Duchess's Marketplace if someone found it through exploration and wants to sell it.


When is Wonder Game coming to ICE/SNOW blockchain?

Wonder Game will come to ICE/SNOW right when it’s live and ready. Wonder Game is an ICON grant program project and is looking forward to deploying on ICE/SNOW.

How will Polygon blockchain and ICE blockchain interconnect with each other?

At the moment, each chapter takes place on its own blockchain. We are exploring different avenues to connect the Chapters. More details will be shared in the future.