Wonder Game
Wonder Game Forest
Wonder Game forest is the most powerful place in the game. It's a mysterious place where you can stake your Character NFTs to earn SHROOM tokens. Different areas give you a different amount of SHROOMs, so you'll have to explore around to find a place that gives you the most SHROOMs.
There are magical powers that roam underneath the Wonder Game Forest, and they only sprout on the surface on very rare occasions. If you are lucky enough to meet this magical power, it will gift you SHROOMs by making the areas around them super fertile for the SHROOMs to grow. In the game, we will call this a Surge Zone.

Area, Surge Zone, and Sector

The Wonder Game Forest is divided into different sectors and each sector has areas. A sector can have multiple Queens, Alices, and Card Soldiers. A Sector will have a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 3 surge zones.
Details on the number of sectors, areas, and Characters per sector will be shared later.


An area is the smallest unit of land in Wonder Game and a place for a Card Soldier to camp - only one Card Soldier can camp in an area at any given time. We go in-depth on camping in the exploration section.

Surge Zone

Surge Zones are similar to hot spots in a heatmap. The epicenter gives the most SHROOMs the areas adjacent to the epicenter give the second-highest, and anything after that is just normal land that gives the minimum SHROOMs.


A Sector is the largest unit of land in Wonder Game and a place for Queens to rule and Alices to explore.
Zoomed view in a part of a Sector where the epicenter is just one Area. This is JUST a prototype view for example.

SHROOM Issuance

TL;DR: There will be a maximum of approximately 45,000 SHROOM issued per day in the regular distribution pool that is distributed to each of the Card Soldiers for just staking in Wonder Game. The daily issuance estimate depends on Harmony block speed which is about 2 seconds - there will be 1.0416666667 SHROOM/block. The forest has surge areas which are clusters with the highest SHROOMs in the centers of the surge. Extra SHROOM for the surge areas is rewarded from the extra pool - about 135,000 SHROOMs issued per day. If there is some SHROOM remaining in the extra pool at the end of an epoch it will go to the next epoch's extra pool. Each epoch resets the Surge Zone, so players must find it again in a new epoch. Wonder Game is a mad place and time loves to play here - epochs will have different timeframes - minimum 8 hours and maximum 3 days. Note: You can stake your Character NFTs to a sector/area, not explore around and return after the epoch to collect the SHROOMs. This allows members who are more passive in the gameplay to also earn SHROOMs.

Regular pool

SHROOM is equally distributed to every Card Soldier when they stake (camp - check exploration section) in Wonder Game. The issuance of SHROOM in the regular pool for staking Card Soldiers will remain linear - that is - about 1.0417 SHROOM per Harmony block. Which is about 45,000 SHROOM per day since Harmony block speed is about 2 seconds per block. A Card Soldier will get SHROOM just for staking.

Extra Pool for Surge Areas

To get extra SHROOM - the Cards Soldiers have to explore around and find the surge area. You as a player would have to find the area for your Card NFTs. Exploration will have a cooling period - explained more in the exploration section. The issuance from the extra pool for the surge area that gives higher yields is relative to each epoch since the size of the extra pool changes every epoch; the size of the extra pool is a dynamic variable. In every epoch, the extra pool will get about 135,000 SHROOMs issued per day plus the SHROOMs that did not get distributed from the last epoch's extra pool. The outskirts of the surge will get a minimum of 100% yield and the epicenter will get a minimum of 200% yield of the regular pool distribution.


An important thing an epoch does is it resets the surge area so that the Characters have to explore and strategize every new epoch. Wonder Game does not have a constant or linear epoch, the timeframe changes randomly with every new epoch. The minimum timeframe an epoch will have is 8 hours and the max it can have is 3 days. Note: This allows players from different time zones to take advantage of the new surge.
Example: The rows in the table are snapshots of 1 block since the distribution can change every block depending on how many and where Characters are staked.
Number of Staked Cards
Cards on Outskirt of Surge
Cards in Epicenter of Surge
Estimated Regular Pool per day
Estimated Extra pool
SHROOM for Cards in Epicenter of Surge
SHROOM for Cards in Outskirt of Surge
SHROOM for Cards not in Surge
Epoch 1 & 900th block
2 days
45,000 SHROOM
135,000 SHROOM per day
0.00062502 SHROOM per block (200% yield)
0.00041668 SHROOM per block (100% yield)
0.00020834 SHROOM per block
Epoch 2 & 200th block
16 hours
45,000 SHROOM
135,000 per day + 50,000 (50,000 carried from last epoch - just an example number) SHROOM
about 0.0006117920618 SHROOM per block (311% yield)
about 0.0003803030919
SHROOM per block
(155% yield)
0.0001488142857 SHROOM per block
Epoch 3 & 500th block
8 hours
45,000 SHROOM
135,000 per day + 100,000 (100,000 carried from last epoch - just an example number) SHROOM
SHROOM per block
(644% yield)
SHROOM per block
(322% yield)
0.0001488142857 SHROOM per block
A total of 65,700,000 SHROOM is allocated for Chapter One.