Wonder Game

Wonder Game Forest

Wonder Game forest is the most powerful place in the game. It's a mysterious place where you can stake your Character NFTs to earn SHROOM tokens. Different areas give you a different amount of SHROOMs, so you'll have to explore around to find a place that gives you the most SHROOMs.
There are magical powers that roam underneath the Wonder Game Forest, and they only sprout on the surface on very rare occasions. If you are lucky enough to meet this magical power, it will gift you SHROOMs by making the areas around them super fertile for the SHROOMs to grow. In the game, we will call this a Surge Zone.

Area, Surge Zone, and Sector

The Wonder Game Forest is divided into different sectors and each sector has areas. A sector can have multiple Queens, Alices, and Card Soldiers. A Sector will have a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 3 surge zones.
Details on the number of sectors, areas, and Characters per sector will be shared later.


An area is the smallest unit of land in Wonder Game and a place for a Card Soldier to camp - only one Card Soldier can camp in an area at any given time. We go in-depth on camping in the exploration section.

Surge Zone

Surge Zones are similar to hot spots in a heatmap. The epicenter gives the most SHROOMs the areas adjacent to the epicenter give the second-highest, and anything after that is just normal land that gives the minimum SHROOMs.


A Sector is the largest unit of land in Wonder Game and a place for Queens to rule and Alices to explore.
Zoomed view in a part of a Sector where the epicenter is just one Area. This is JUST a prototype view for example.