Wonder Game


Character NFTs are playable characters with their own role in Wonder Game. They are utility-based NFTs that will allow you to do various things with them in Wonder Game. This utility changes as they move through new chapters.
  • You can strategize with friends and explore Wonder Game to find the best place to accumulate SHROOM.
  • Each character has its own stats that you can upgrade to get higher skills and better in-game - the stats will stay with the Character NFT.
  • Character NFT + SHROOMs + HOOKAH allow you to mint a new character NFT through the Cheshire Cat's Portal.
  • Duchess's Marketplace will allow you to buy and sell your Character NFT.
In later phases:
  • You can craft items that will give in-game buffs to the Character. Items are tradable in Duchess's Marketplace.
  • Characters can be part of a guild that will bring more systemic collaboration.
  • Wonder Game Quest and DAO Quest will introduce more adventure and thrill.
  • Use your current Character NFT to go down the interoperability rabbit hole to play the next Chapter in the new blockchain.

Card Soldiers, Queen, and Alice

Card Soldiers explore and camp to find the magical power - aka surge area. Queens tax the Card Soldiers for SHROOMs that they’ve worked so hard to collect in their sector. Alices steal from the Card Soldiers when they are on the way to the Queens. Note: Distributions happen when Cards Soldiers claim their SHROOM - all done through smart contracts.
Out of the total 20,000 NFTs - 75% will be Cards, 12.5% Queens and 12.5% Alices.
The PreSale mints were available with both ICX and Harmony ONE. After the migration to Ethereum, users can now mint new characters with Ethereum here. Details on max per wallet will be announced before the mint. More info on the remaining 10,000 is in the Cheshire Cat's Portal section.