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Wonder Game Adventure

Wonder Game is a collaborative GameFi that takes players on a cross-chain adventure to different blockchains with each new chapter. The first chapter encourages the player community to work together while strategically competing with one another to explore Wonder Game and find magical SHROOMs, which allows them to create and collect in-game items - boosting creativity and social interaction, all while bringing different ecosystems together.
The rabbit hole to every new chain will allow the players to upgrade their Character NFT and explore the new chain and chapter with new goals. The intrinsic value - through collective exploration, learnings on new chains, and imaginative creation from the community - will increase the demand and power of the Wonder Game ecosystem.
Alice gazes down the rabbit hole by @_Kochuu​

Purpose of this Paper

This is a detailed overview of the Wonder Game during its early stages and functions as an introduction to Wonder Game. Readers should keep in mind that content from this overview may change as the project continues to be developed.


Wonder Game is a community-first, GameFi ecosystem. The team works alongside the community to build the culture, community, and game. We believe this is the way to build a decentralized platform: by giving power to the community and by allowing worldbuilding, product development, governance, and the in-game economy to be driven by the community. This approach is much leaner and easier to improve on since the game is a Minimal Viable Game. Allowing the community members to trust, own, collectively operate and build the ecosystems. The initial phase will be driven by the team and as the ecosystem grows, the community DAO will start driving the ecosystem. Ultimately, the community shapes the Wonder Game Universe.


We are motivated to create a breakthrough NFT ecosystem where community members collaborate and help each other inside and outside the game, building the Wonder Game culture and community together. It is our hope that the global Wonder Game community spreads more empathy, care, and generosity all while having fun participating in Wonder Game. Wonder Game will be a key community in shaping the future of blockchain technology, interoperability, and compelling NFT use-cases.
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